Business and Trading

Business and Trading

You wouldn’t build a house without sturdy foundations, and you would be very ill-advised to start any kind of new business without the appropriate legal foundations, advice and support.

Avery Emerson will be delighted to advise you and your associates or partners on the best structure for your business, and to put everything in place – quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We will then be at your elbow as you grow – and need someone to look over the lease for your premises, agreements with suppliers and contracts with your customers.

It is our responsibility to get a comprehensive understanding of your business or firm and how you operate – and fast. We will then be ideally placed to give advice and take action as your business matures.

As with private and domestic law, business law can be time-consuming, worrying and expensive. Avery Emerson is very definitely not afraid of taking a case to court, but we do often advise that resolution should be attempted first by negotiation. We are highly experienced and patient negotiators, and we have often find that opening negotiations can solve out clients’ problems more rapidly and far more cheaply.

All businesses need to take legal action at some time, and no matter the size or scope of that action, we will be attentive, informed, and pro-active. We will always be here when you need assistance, no matter how large or how small.