How we do it

Avery Emerson has one over-riding conviction; that you, the client, should sleep easy at night. No matter whether you are moving home, handling the probate of a loved one, undertaking a partnership agreement for a business venture, or going through a divorce, Avery Emerson will take the burden off your shoulders.

Some legal procedures are routine; others – such as forming a new trading company are upbeat and exciting; many are a strain – worrying, taxing, even nerve-wracking.

No one appreciates that more than we do. Our job is not just to obtain the very best possible result for you, our client – and as economically as possible – but to insulate you from the apprehension and the vexation. Once you have briefed us and we have agreed a plan of action we want you to feel that your problem is shared, and the weight is already being lifted.

Unlike many law firms we do not believe in going in ‘guns blazing’ and thinking about it later – just as we don’t believe in taking a hammer to crack a nut.

For clients, legal action (let alone litigation) is often expensive and stressful. We firmly believe that our clients get the result they want and need if we pause, think long and hard, create a strategy, and then – talk. Negotiate. Always open a dialogue and see what can be achieved with words. Having said that, if we then need to litigate, you will find us tough and persistent.

Above all, we communicate. We report back; we keep you up to date every step of the way. We let you know what is going on and how matters are proceeding.

In order to offer our clients the very best opportunities to speak to us we are open on Saturdays, and we can also arrange to see clients outside normal office hours if this is helpful.

Avery Emerson goes as many extra miles as it takes to solve your legal concerns – so that, yes – as we say, you sleep easy at night.