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Do you think that you might need legal assistance? Would you like to get an idea of how to proceed with a problem? Do you want to know how much legal action might cost? Do you simply want to talk through a matter with a sympathetic and experienced legal professional?

We know the feeling, and as a result Avery Emerson has introduced an informal fifteen minute consultation (which, we should say, has proved both popular and useful).

We charge a flat rate of £35ask for a token fee for this, and you can take time to marshal your thoughts over tea or coffee, and just chat through your situation and your concerns.

When you have finished we will give you our reaction – it will only be a first response, of course, but it will be a pretty good indication of how you might proceed. Our advice might not be to go to court at all; we might point you to some other agency such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

If we do think that some form of legal action might be appropriate we will give you an idea of how we would proceed on your behalf, and what it might cost. We will give you the benefit of our professional knowledge and long experience, and you will almost certainly walk away with a lighter step than you arrived.

Click below to call or email us, or just drop into our offices to arrange an appointment.