Investors in People

Investors 172x194Avery Emerson attained the Investors in People Standard in 2004. The Investors in People Standard helps the firm to develop strategies to improve our performance through our people.

As a firm we feel that the transparency of the business is important, so that every person within the firm can see where they fit into the whole picture. We have a business plan consisting of our long term and short term goals. We also have a vision and values to allow all of our people to know where we are going, how we intend to get there, and what we should do along the way.

In order to attain Investors in People we had to undergo an independent assessment. In achieving the standards it can be seen that our strategies are apparent to those outside of the firm as well as those within the firm.

The Investors in People standard has assisted the firm in developing our people in many areas. We have been able to do this by recognising potential, and meeting learning and development needs so that their roles may grow.

Allowing our staff to develop and mature within the firm means that we can retain staff and promote a team spirit within the firm.

An Investor in People is fully committed to develop its staff in order to achieve its aims and objectives. Our people – solicitors, trainee solicitors, paralegal and support staff alike – are encouraged to improve their own and others’ performances.

Our staff know that their contribution to the firm is recognised, and that the firm is committed to ensuring exclusive opportunities in their development. As part of that commitment to excellence Avery Emerson conducts regular and exhaustive internal training on subjects such as client care, compliance, and updates to the law.

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